• Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter visits ReNeu Lab

  • RRE Concept

    HARMONY Rehabilitation Exoskeleton

  • Hexo

    Hand-Wrist Exoskeleton

  • ACT hand

    The ACT hand

  • PPC

    Passive Parallel Compliance for Robotic/Prosthetic Hands

  • Group

    ReNeu Lab Group


Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter visits ReNeu Robotics Lab
Dr. Deshpande and HARMONY on The Hook
"Peace, Love, and Harmony" gives a great perspective on the benefits of rehabilitation robotics.
The exoskeleton HARMONY on NBC news
KXAN does a story on rehabilitation and the HARMONY exoskeleton. Checkout the video and article on their website.

ReNeu Robotics Laboratory

Welcome to our lab website. We seek to apply the robotics methodologies and technologies to analyze and understand human biomechanics as well as neuromuscular controls. Based on our analysis we develop robotic assistive and rehabilitation devices to improve the quality of life for disabled and elderly population. We are undertaking many exciting projects in the fields of human motion analysis, biomechanics, neural controls, robot design, and dynamics and controls.

The Lab is part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin. We are located at the third floor in the Engineering Teaching Center (ETC).

ReNeu Robotics Lab

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