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The Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Distinguished Alumni


Distinguished Alumni and Mechanical Engineer Recipients with Chair Murthy, Dean Fenves and Dean Wood 2013 (l-r): Jayathi Murthy, Greg Fenves, Greg Dekunder, Robert Ambrose, Michael McShane, Denise Elston, Kenneth Ball, Sara Brand, John Howell and Sharon Wood.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, in an effort to recognize the accomplishments of its outstanding alumni, established the Mechanical Engineering Academy of Distinguished Alumni in 2004. The Academy seeks to:

  • Recognize high-achieving mechanical engineers from among the UT Austin community and from the engineering community at large
  • Champion the mechanical engineering profession
  • Create a sense of community and facilitate interactions between our students, faculty, alumni and our corporate well-wishers.

The Academy recognizes alumni in four categories:

Outstanding Young Mechanical Engineer

These members must be under the age of 40 and must have performed outstanding work in their field. They must demonstrate the potential to become leaders in their chosen profession. They must have a strong commitment to The University of Texas at Austin and to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Distinguished Mechanical Engineer

These members must be age 40 or older, and must have demonstrated superior professional achievement and performed community service and service to the University. These alumni are role models for all to follow and their example of distinguished professional practice deserves recognition.

Mechanical Engineering Hall Of Fame

Members in this category are alumni who are retired or near-retirement with outstanding career records. This award recognizes sustained and meritorious contributions to engineering and engineering management.

Mechanical Engineering Honorary Engineering Award

Recipients of this award are not alumni of The University of Texas at Austin, but have made major contributions to the engineering profession. Their support of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin merits recognition.

Charter Members Of The Academy

These are the alumni and mechanical engineers who were prominent in the creation of the academy.

Outstanding Young Mechanical Engineer

Distinguished Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Hall of Fame

Honorary Mechanical Engineer

Charter Members of the Academy

  • Thomas L. Baker
  • William M. Boren
  • Patrick O. Braden, Ph.D.
  • Jerry W. Brougher
  • William C. Cawthon (Posthumous)
  • Kenneth D. Cockrell
  • Keys A. Curry, Jr.
  • Gerald P. D'Arcy, Ph.D.
  • Maurice N. Dannenbaum (Posthumous)
  • Louis F. Davis (Posthumous)
  • Donald J. Douglass
  • Lt. Gen. Ken Eickmann
  • Donald L. Evans
  • Thomas J. Fallon
  • Clay Fulcher, Sr., Ph.D.
  • Edward M. Galle
  • George A. Helland, Jr.
  • George P. Hill (Posthumous)
  • Joe J. King (Posthumous)
  • Frank W. McBee (Posthumous)
  • Charles E. McQueary, Ph.D.
  • Thomas L. Moser
  • Carol Lister Orr (Posthumous)
  • Katherine M. Pearsall, Ph.D.
  • H. Grady Rylander, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Marvin Selig
  • Calvin D. Sholtess
  • Byron E. Short, Sr., Ph.D. (Posthumous)
  • Dr. Richard W. Smalling, MD
  • Byron D. Tapley, Ph.D.
  • Johnny C. "Buddy" Wachel

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