Course Requirements

Students must have a 3.3. GPA in the following Materials Engineering Core Courses:

  1. ME 386P3 Thermodynamics of Materials
  2. ME 386P1 Phase Transformations
  3. A choice from the following list
    1. ME 386P4 Solid State Properties of Materials
    2. ME386P5 Structures and Defects
    3. ME 386P2 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Written Exam

The written portion of the qualifying process consists of a 10 page document submitted to the student’s proposed dissertation committee and contains the following: a summary of research performed to date; a description of the proposed work to complete the dissertation including methodologies and rationale; and a timeline for completing the proposed work.

Oral Exam

The oral exam is a presentation of the written exam material that was provided to the proposed dissertation committee. The committee then quizzes the student on all aspects of the presentation and written document.

Potential outcomes include the following:

  • Pass (no changes needed)
  • GPA is not 3.3. or higher; student may take one additional course to raise GPA above 3.3
  • Retake either oral or written portions
  • Fail
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