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The Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Halil Berberoglu

Dr. Berberoglu received his PhD in mechanical engineering from UCLA and joined the Cockrell School of Engineering faculty in August 2008. He received his B.S.M.E and M.S.M.E degrees in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette. He is the recipient of the Frank Zmola Memorial scholarship in heat transfer. His research experience includes the development of fiber reinforced thermoplastic adhesives at the Composite and Polymer Processing Lab, Purdue University, interaction of amplified femtosecond laser pulses with glass for micromachining applications at the Center for Laser Micro Fabrication, Purdue University and photobiological alternative fuel production at Morrin-Martinelli-Gier Memorial Laboratory, UCLA.

Dr. Berberoglu’s research integrates thermal-fluid sciences with bio- and nano-technology and focuses on exploiting a wide range of renewable energy sources and carbon sequestration technologies. His research activities include numerical and experimental studies in:

  • Solar radiation transport and utilization
  • Algae for CO2 sequestration and Biofuel production
  • Bio-inspired solar cells
  • Novel hydrogen production and storage technologies
  • Artificial Photosynthesis

Research opportunities for students:
Dr. Berberoglu’s research group is looking to recruit students at BS, MS, and PhD levels. Please contact Dr.Berberoglu for more information.

Most Recent Publications

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