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The Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Elmira Popova

Dr. Elmira Popova graduated with MS in Mathematics from University of Sofia, Bulgaria in 1985, and PhD in Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH in 1995. She joined the University of Texas at Austin in 1995 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Program in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. In 2008 she was named a Fulbright Scholar and in 1999 she was given the Halliburton/Brown & Root young faculty excellence award in teaching and research. Dr. Popova specializes in stochastic processes, computational Bayesian statistics, and stochastic optimization. She is interested in reliability analysis and design of optimal maintenance strategies for randomly failing systems. Since 2004 she has collaborated with the Risk Management group at South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company on designing and developing a new risk-informed system for reliability estimation and preventive maintenance scheduling. Dr. Popova spent two years on Wall Street where she worked on developing new high-frequency trading strategies and asset allocations models. Dr. Popova continues to do research in quantitative finance such as statistical-arbitrage trading strategies, equity pricing calculations, and optimal asset allocation decisions. Her research has been funded by NSF, DNDO, NRC, DOE, STPNOC, EPRI, and several other industrial sponsors. Research interests: Stochastic modeling of systems, Reliability modeling and estimation, Computational Bayesian statistics, Risk management, Uncertainty quantification

Selected Publications

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Most Recent Publications

  1. Nanzer J., E. Popova, and R. Rogers, "Real time detection of self-luminous objects using total power and correlation radiometry," IET Signal Processing, (2011)
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