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The Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Griffin Gardner

Griffin Gardner is the Media Coordinator for the Webber Energy Group under the direction of Dr. Michael Webber. Her duties include the production of multi-media research projects and teaching tools (videos, podcasts, animations, etc.); documentation of group related events including faculty and student projects and lectures; social media outreach (Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, websites, etc.) and research and dissemination of multi-media clips, files and documents. Her collaboration with Dr. Webber on ENERGY AT THE MOVIES, an interactive TV event that examines the way films have portrayed energy on the big screen for the last 70 years, was exceptionally well received and is scheduled to be broadcast on local and national PBS channels later this year.

Griffin holds a B.F.A from New York University, a UT Energy Technology and Policy course certificate and a Professional Designation in Arts Education from the Los Angeles Music Center. She has produced projects for major entertainment corporations including Disney, Universal, NBC and Sony; has developed theme park projects nationally and internationally including Dubai, Japan and Germany; has produced videos for numerous non-profit organizations and corporations and has taught film and acting classes in Los Angeles Schools as well as local Austin Academies.