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Michael Bryant


Phone: (512) 471-4870
Office: ETC 4.152B

Dr. Bryant specializes in tribology (study of friction, wear, lubrication, and associated devices such as bearings, brushes and brakes), the design of mechatronic systems (integrated mechanical and electronic systems), system diagnostics of machinery, and is developing a new class of computers for solution of differential equations. Dr. Bryant is a faculty member of the Dynamic Systems & Control and Manufacturing & Design programs of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Dr. Bryant earned his Ph.D. in engineering sciences and applied mathematics from Northwestern University in 1981. He has served on the Cockrell School of Engineering faculty since 1988 and previously taught at North Carolina State University. He has one year of industrial experience and has published more than 100 technical articles and reports. In 2005 he was appointed Editor in Chief of the ASME Journal of Tribology and Series Editor for Dynamic Systems & Control and Mechatronics, Springer Mechanical Engineering Series. He was awarded the Innovative Research Award for 2005, ASME Tribology Division, for Design & Testing of Micro Gas Bearings. Dr. Bryant's Tribology expertise was featured in a Newhouse News Service article, "Five-blade razor: Exactly how many do you need?". Among his many other awards, he received the National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award in 1985.

Most Recent Publications

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