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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers two independent graduate programs:

Operations Research / Industrial Engineering

Operations research is a mathematical science concerned with optimal decision making and the modeling of deterministic and probabilistic systems. Its focus and field of application are interdisciplinary, embracing a broad range of quantitative techniques. Industrial engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of personnel, material, and equipment. Together, operations research and industrial engineering provide a rational approach to engineering and managerial problem solving through deliberate application of scientific methods.

In practice, operations research and industrial engineering address both the performance objectives and the resource constraints of an organization, working toward the establishment of policies that are most beneficial to the organization as a whole. The function of the operations research analyst or the industrial engineer is to guide decision making by identifying underlying cause-and-effect relationships, developing and proposing courses of action, establishing criteria by which to judge their effectiveness, and evaluating their probable effects. The program in operations research and industrial engineering is designed to allow students to develop the technical, analytic, and managerial skills necessary to perform these tasks successfully.

Mechanical Engineering

The graduate program in mechanical engineering is designed to educate engineers who will be in the forefront of the mechanical engineering profession, leading the way to new and improved engineering systems to transform energy, materials, and information to meet the needs of society. To achieve this objective, the program offers a breadth of research and study areas and facilities. The faculty values creativity, the novel application of fundamental engineering science, interdisciplinary activities, the development of future leaders and a community of scholars, professionalism, and excitement in discovery. The program is designed to enhance these values, drawing upon diverse interests and experience of the faculty.

Within the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program students are asked to choose a major of study from the specializations offered:

In addition to these programs, the department offers joint degree programs with the LBJ School of Public Affairs (MSE/MPA) and the McCombs Graduate School of Business (MSE/MBA) .

Growth is the word best characterizing the Mechanical Engineering Department graduate program. In the past five years the number of graduate students increased from 256 to 346, and the tenure track faculty increased from 43 to 60.

Our Faculty are recognized for their work in teaching, research, and industry. Many have written or contributed to textbooks and materials that are widely used as standard tools for teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level. All are committed to continuing a tradition of excellence!

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