Coursework is offered by Acoustics Area faculty in a wide variety of topics pertinent to Acoustics. These courses are categorized as Undergraduate Courses and Graduate Courses. In addition to these courses, there are a number of Related Graduate Courses offered within other areas of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and through other departments. Courses not listed on this page may also be acceptable in a program of study. All courses must be approved by the student's thesis/dissertation supervisor, thesis/dissertation committee, and the chair of the graduate studies committee.

Acoustics Area Graduate Courses

The following are courses regularly offered by faculty within the Acoustics Area and may be used in a program of graduate study for Acoustics Area students of Mechanical Engineering. Topics 1-3 are offered every year, and Topics 4-8 are offered every other year. Please check the Official UT Online Course Schedule to determine when a particular course if offered.

  • Acoustics
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 1: Acoustics I
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 2: Acoustics II
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 3: Electromechanical Transducers
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 4: Nonlinear Acoustics
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 5: Underwater Acoustics
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 6: Architectural Acoustics
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 7: Ultrasonics
    • ME 384N / EE 384N Topic 8: Wave Phenomena

Acoustics Area Related Graduate Courses

Additional information about acoustics-related courses within the ME department and across campus are listed on Courses on the Texas Acoustics site. Please check the Online Course Schedule and the Online Graduate Catalog from the Office of the Registrar to find additional courses which may be of interest.

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