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Mechanical Engineering Slide Show Long Description

Last modified on May 8th, 2014

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To view the image associated with the story, run the mouse over the "Read More" link in the list below. The associated photo and caption will appear on the right side of the screen, replacing the nuclear reactor image. Click the link to read the story.

  1. This is a photo of Dr. Philip Schmidt teaching ME 326 students, (sophomores) how to calculate the amount of work a gas can do when it expands in a cylinder. Schmidt has been honored with the Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award for tenured faculty. Read more.
  2. This is a photo of three newly admitted graduate students: Aaron Townsend, June Si and Julia O'Rourke, all examples of the exceptional students entering the ME and ORIE graduate programs. Read more.
  3. This is a photo of Assistant Professor Carolyn Seepersad, winner of the International Outstanding Young Researcher in Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Award with her research team made up of: Front row, left to right: James Durand (undergrad), Vikram Sundar, Ray Ely, Lia Kashdan , and Matthew Saunders (master's students) and back row (left to right): Ph.D. students, Cassandra Telenko, and Peter Backlund flanking Carolyn Seepersad. Read more.
  4. This is a photo of Professor Philip S. Schmidt, Department of Mechanical Engineering, who received the 2009 Chancellor's Council Outstanding Teaching Award, which recognizes a senior faculty member for a distinguished career in teaching at the undergraduate level. He is shown impersonating Sadi Carnot, circa 1824, in top hat and tails, explaining the Carnot Cycle (the second law of thermodynamics). Read more.
  5. This is a photo of Julia Dawson, an ME senior, in her race car preparing for a race. During the past two years in Legends car racing, Dawson was the top-ranked female driver in the world, won a 2007-08 winter series, and was the Texas state road course champion for the semi-pro class. Read more.
  6. This is a collage of Dr. Rodney Ruoff and Luigi Columbo, of Texas Instruments, with a background image of graphene film on copper foil, and a logo of the journal Science in the background. The headline reads "Graphene on Copper." The two scientists and their research team had an article published in Science. Their research could lead to faster computers that use less power. Read more.
  7. This is a photo of twelve Alumni from the Class of 1959, who were on campus recently for a reunion. The Alumni had a tour of the department, talked to two current students, and met with Chair Joe Beaman. Pictured (left to right) are: Bud Mulcahy, John Watts, Lee Howard, Joe Smith, Allen Marcontell, Bob Luke, Bob Marwill, Charles Moorman, Tom Mast, Jay Lewallen, George Helland and Max West. Download High Resolution photo.
  8. This is a photo of Professor Janet Ellzey and a bridge in Toulouse, France, where she teaches summer engineering classes. Ellzey has beel appointed Vice Provost of The University of Texas at Austin. Read more.
  9. This is a photo of Charles Beaman, finalist for the Co-op George H. Mitchell Awards for Academic Excellence. He was nominated by Dr. Rick Neptune for work on his honors thesis research focusing on the development of rehabilitation strategies for stroke patients. Read more.
  10. This is photo of Professor Ron Barr, winner of the Best Paper award presented at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Gulf-Southwest Section Annual Meeting, held at Baylor University on March 19-20, 2009. Read more.