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Dr. Don Berry, an adjunct Lecturer in the department, has recently been elected a Fellow of the Aeroballistic Range Association.

The Aeroballistic Range Association (ARA):

The ARA was formed in 1961. The motivation was a number of research facilities were having difficulties with ballistic experiments, especially with the operation of two-stage light gas guns (LLG.) Six organizations, five US and one Canadian, agreed to share results and experiences. The purpose was for all to benefit from honest reporting. Successes would be reported, but also mistakes, failures, and in general less than satisfactory results. To facilitate the honest disclosure of potentially "embarrassing" experiences, a strict policy of "closed proceedings" was adopted where a paper could be referenced only with permission of the author. The proceedings were not available to anyone outside the member organizations. This policy remains in force today.

From those humble beginnings the ARA has grown into an international organization. Research and development of just about any nature associated with the field of ballistics is of interest to the ARA. Today, the ARA is composed of many different organizations, ranging from small businesses to university research laboratories, national laboratories, and government research laboratories. Notable US members include Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US Army Research Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, and a number of NASA laboratories. Notable international members include Commissariat à l´Energie Atomique (France), Institut Franco-Allemand de Recherches de Saint Louis (France), Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, Ernst-Mach-Institut (Germany), Technische Universität München (Technical University of Munich, Germany), TRDI, Ministry of Defense, Japan, Tohoku University (Japan), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency / Kakuda Space Center (Japan), and numerous others. In all sixteen countries are represented.

In the early years, meetings occurred multiple times a year, so even though the ARA is fifty three years old, the upcoming meeting is the 65th. Meetings are now held annually. It is still a meeting where people learn from both the successes and "failures" of the members.

Dr. Berry has served as both Treasurer and Chairman of the ARA. As noted above, organizations, as opposed to individuals, compose the membership of the ARA. The only individuals holding membership in the ARA are the Fellows of the ARA. Dr. Berry will be installed as a Fellow at the upcoming 65th meeting, to be hosted by Commissariat à l´Energie Atomique, and held in Arcachon, France.

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