Media Contact

Ashley Lindstrom
Communications Coordinator

Christina Petlowany, a Cockrell School graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has received a three-year fellowship from the Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Engineering University Program.

This year, the program awarded fellowships to only 31 graduate students in nuclear science or engineering programs across 83 different universities in the nation. In addition, Christina has become the 7th Cockrell graduate student to receive this award. As a fellowship recipient, Christina will be granted monetary support to help fund her graduate studies and research. The fellowship also includes a summer internship at a national lab in which she will work closely with the DOE’s nuclear energy research program.

Christina received her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Rice University in 2016. While there, in partnership with NASA, she and team of five other engineers helped create BioBlend, a garbage disposal attachment that converts waste to compost. She is currently conducting research within the Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group. With an interest in control systems with design specifications for extreme environments, Christina is focusing her research on a control plan for a robotic manipulator.

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