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To view the image associated with the story, run the mouse over the "Read More" link in the list below. The associated photo and caption will appear on the right side of the screen, replacing the nuclear reactor image. Click the link to read the story.

  1. This graphic has a background image of a solar panel. Mechanical Engineering is Recruiting for a Professor or Associate Professor position. Read more.
  2. This is a photo of undergraduate students celebrating the Student Engineering Council's teaching award with Mechanical Engineering professor, Billy Wood, the 2010 department winner. Read more.
  3. This is a photo of the ASME Rube Goldberg team members and their machine, entered in the 2010 Regional competition held February 17, 2010 in the T-Toom. Read more.
  4. This is a photo of Texas flags celebrating Texas Independence Day in front of the Tower on The University of Texas campus. Jim Nicar recounts the story in 1896 when UT law students decided to skip class and head to to Scholz Garten, laying the foundation for a more elaborate celebration in 1897. Read more.
  5. This is a photo of three new professors who joined the department in January 2010. Left to right: Assistant Professor Luis Sentis, Assistant Professor Donglei Fan and Associate Professor Wei Li. Read more.
  6. This photo of senior lecturer Dr. Tom Krueger in front of a Stratasys BST prototyping machine. Krueger secured three-dimensional modeling machinery through a university grant proposal he wrote. Read more.
  7. This photo of graphene on polydimethylsiloxane illustrating its transparency and flexibility. It was made in Dr. Rodney Ruoff's lab at The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Photo courtesy of Dr. Xuesong Li and Dr. Weiwei Cai. Read more.
  8. This is a photo of Senior Lecturer Billy Wood, who has been honored by the Students with Disabilities Division of The University of Texas at Austin for his work with disabled students. Read more.
  9. This is a collage of Dr. S.V. Sreenivasan and some of the equipment his company Molecular Imprints produces. Dr. S.V. Sreenivasan (co-founder and chief technology officer of Molecular Imprints, and professor and Thornton Centennial Faculty Fellow Mechanical Engineering at the university) is the recipient of the 2010 Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award in Technology Innovation. Read more.
  10. This is a photo of Terrie Lear Preusse, a UTME's Undergraduate Advisor, holding an award from the Cockrell School of Engineering for her work as a FIG (Freshman Interest Group) facilitator for Mechanical Engineering Students. Read more.

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