CET research focuses on advancing clean energy technology at every stage, from energy storage such as fuel cells and rechargeable batteries to the enhancement of solar energy with an emphasis on the development of new materials and advanced nuclear fuel cycles, as well as efficient manufacturing processes, system integration and control, testing and design of components at both the microscale and system levels, and analysis of off-design and transient behavior.


Eric Bickel

Steven Biegalski

David Bogard

Dongmei Chen

Janet L. Ellzey

Paulo Ferreira

John B. Goodenough

Desiderio Kovar

Sheldon Landsberger

Raul Longoria

Arumugam Manthiram

Ronald Matthews

Erich Schneider

Li Shi

Yaguo Wang

Michael E. Webber

Guihua Yu

Yuebing Zheng

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