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The Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Senior Design Projects

The ME Senior Design Projects Program coordinates the completion of the two-semester capstone design sequence required of all UT-Austin Mechanical Engineering seniors. Students apply engineering design methodology, using both analysis and synthesis, to solve open-ended problems submitted by industrial sponsors. The range of design problems considered spans other engineering fields as well as non-engineering disciplines. Regular sponsors in recent years include Shell, Schlumberger, Cameron, Dell, Fluor, National Instruments, Texas Instruments, and more.

Students register for ME266K (lecture), and ME266P (lab). In the lab sections, which comprise approximately five teams each, teaching assistants monitor the students' progress by means of informal meetings, oral presentations, and notebook checks. The lectures do not consider the specifics of each semester's projects - instead, general design issues and professional responsibility are addressed. Topics include engineering ethics, intellectual property, safety, and product and personal liability. Student participation is an integral component of the lecture periods. The questions asked and issues raised by the class guide the course of discussion.

You may contact Erik Felthauser, the Senior Design Projects Program Coordinator, or Dr. Richard Crawford, the Senior Design Projects Program Director.

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