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The Cockrell School of Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the largest and broadest fields of technical study. Mechanical engineers are concerned with the engineering systems used to control and transform energy to meet the needs of humanity. In mechanical engineering, students develop an understanding of basic topics and fundamental principles upon which engineered systems are conceived and developed in a modern society. It is an excellent foundation for a rewarding career in engineering, as well as for further study in business, law, medicine, and other professions that require a solid foundation in science and technology, and the ability to solve problems.

UT Austin's Mechanical Engineering Program

U.S. News and World Report consistently ranks UT Austin's Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program as one of the top programs in the US. We are currently ranked eighth in the nation.

Where Our Graduates Go

UT Austin's Mechanical Engineering graduates are in high demand. After graduation, about 20% of our students go on to engineering graduate school or seek another professional degree (Law, Business, etc.). The other 80% of our graduates find jobs in energy, transportation, manufacturing, construction, medical device sectors or a multitude of other fields. The U.S. Census (2014) reports the mean annual salary for a mechanical engineer at all ranks is $84,770. The Cockrell School of Engineering reports the 2013-2014 average starting for a mechanical engineer from UT Austin was $69,044. This compares to mean starting salary in 2011 of $60,435 (CNN Money) for all mechanical engineers nationally.

Contact Information for the Undergraduate Office

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