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Career Gateway Electives

Students at the METER Lab

Students at the METER Lab

The mechanical engineering curriculum includes twelve hours of career gateway electives, which are to be selected by the student to support his or her career goals. These courses should be chosen carefully and must be pertinent to each other and to the student¹s career goals.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering should consider specializing in a particular area of Mechanical Engineering by selecting career gateway electives in one of the Bridges to the Future Certificate Programs. For students with other career goals, approved CGEs may include other courses in mechanical engineering, or in other engineering departments, and or approved upper-division courses in natural sciences, and preparatory courses for graduate study in the health professions, approved upper-division courses in Architecture and Business or Economics, or any upper-division course in another college or department that is flagged.

BEFORE registering for any career gateway elective courses, students must prepare a career statement and a list of relevant, related courses, and a mechanical engineering faculty elective advisor must provide preliminary approval. Ultimately, the faculty undergraduate adviser in mechanical engineering must provide final approval before the student's first-degree audit for graduation.

By the beginning of the semester in which he or she will take the first potential career gateway elective, the student must have completed all basic sequence courses with a grade of at least C- in each and must have been admitted unconditionally to the major sequence in mechanical Engineering.

For the Career Gateway Elective form, please see the Academic Advising Office, ETC 5.224.

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