In-situ Nitrogen Generator for Flare Systems

Photo of Brian Ditta, Grant Henderson, Ryan Miller Students: Brian Ditta, Grant Henderson, Ryan Miller

Sponsor: Flare Industries, Inc.

Date: Spring 2011

The nitrogen generation system must produce nitrogen, with a target purity of 97%. The system must have sensors to monitor changes in flow. In the case of a loss of nitrogen flow, the system must be equipped with a fuel-gas switch-over that reverts to using natural gas as a purge gas until the nitrogen is again available. In case of power loss, a reservoir tank of excess nitrogen must be available with sufficiently large capacity to provide nitrogen to the flare, to minimize the amount of natural gas used, until power is restored. Fast acting oxygen analyzers are required to ensure the oxygen content in the flare tip never exceeds 6%. The system should also be modular in nature, meaning that several different sizes must be available to provide the different flow rates needed for various flare tip diameters. The system must operate on 60 Hz, 220V electricity in the US, and 50 Hz, 240V electricity internationally.

The goal of this project is to provide Flare Industries with an in-situ nitrogen generation system. Flare Industries would like to market a package to its customers that uses nitrogen instead of fuel gas to purge flares. The use of nitrogen will decrease a flare's emissions, and possibly reduce operating costs.

The final solution results from a private label agreement with a nitrogen generation company with over 25 years' experience in the oil and gas industry. Through extensive concurrent design work between our team and the manufacturer's own engineers, the final product exceeds Flare Industries' and the team's standards of excellence. Specifications and features are shown below in a marketing brochure developed for Flare Industries.

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Photo related to In-situ Nitrogen Generator for Flare Systems project
Photo related to In-situ Nitrogen Generator for Flare Systems project
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