Design of Veterinary Gurney

Photo of Kevin Day, Sean Knight, Jonathan Macik, and Michael Thomas Students: Kevin Day, Sean Knight, Jonathan Macik, and Michael Thomas

Sponsor: Fall Creek Designs

Date: Fall 2012

The battery powered, electrically adjustable gurney must have a weight capacity of at least 225 pounds. The collapsible height of the table should be no higher than 12 inches, and the table must extend to a total height of 37 inches. The table must be rigid when it is extended, because models currently available on the market are not sturdy enough. The table must have at least one inch of ground clearance to roll over obstacles. A drawer and straps to the design were desired features.

Fall Creek Designs manufactures specialized veterinary equipment, including customized cabinetry and grooming tables. The company would like to offer automated exam and lift tables, . The goal for the project was to design and prototype a battery powered, adjustable height veterinary gurney.

The final design is a double scissor lift design powered by a hydraulic system. We chose a double scissor design because it was the only design that satisfied the two most important design requirements: total height and table rigidity. The maximum extended height is 46 inches, which is the highest in the industry. We also met our goal of rigidity with less than one inch of deflection in any direction. The design has a collapsible height of 10.5 inches and can support more than 200 pounds. The final design also has 1.4 inches of ground clearance, a drawer, straps, and total locking wheels.

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