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Mechanical Engineering Videos and Software

Download research-related videos and shareware to view them.

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If you do not have a video player, the links in the sidebar are for an open source program called VLC, which will play almost any type of video. On the bottom of the main VLC page are links to many different operating systems (mainly flavors of Unix) and versions for older software, as well as the Mac and PC links listed in this menu. Simply download the correct one and install it on your harddrive.

To use VLC, open the program, and navigate to the top bar menu and select "File." Then select "Open File" from the pulldown menu." The video will open immediately. This program is not needed to view Youtube videos, which require Shockwave to be installed.

Undergrads discuss teaching eningeering in 13 videos linked below.

In the winter of 2010, Dr. Don Berry, a former research scientist at The University of Texas at Austin and new lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering department and Carol Grosvenor, the webmaster, decided to hold a small focus group with several ME students in the hope of gaining insight into what the students need in engineering professors. They wrote a series of questions for the students to answer and filmed the meeting. The result is 13 video segments that address different aspects of teaching engineering. The videos do not need to be viewed in any particular order. The department does not condone or endorse their opinions expressed in this video. These are the personal opinions of the students.

Watch the Videos or Read the Transcripts of "Students Discuss Teaching"

Watch this video Read Transcript Video Length
Powerpoint & Online Notes Transcript 1 8:23
Classroom Tools, Engagement & Guest Speakers Transcript 2 7:26
Excellent Professors Transcript 3 11:17
Tests, Grading Practices & Cheat-sheets Transcript 4 10:54
Good Personality Traits for Professors & Teaching Freshmen Transcript 5 5:34
Teaching Assistants Transcript 6 2:22
Miscellaneous Tidbits Transcript 7 5:55
Class Attendance & Length Transcript 8 6:25
Teaching to the Top, Middle or Bottom Transcript 9 3:33
Teacher Evaluations & Ratings Transcript 10 7:30
Students' Passions Transcript 11 3:00
Group Projects Transcript 12 4:17
Verbal Delivery & Tips for Foreign Professors Transcript 13 4:42

Watch other Department Videos

These videos were produced in 2010 and 2011 by the department. They are hosted on YouTube.

Watch this video Read Transcript Video Length
Mechanics Meets Biology: New Frontiers in Biomedicine & Drug Design Transcript 3:57
A New Carbon for Electrical Energy Storage, 2011 Transcript on YouTube 1:35
Human-Centered Robotics Class at UT Austin, 2010 Transcript 7:39
ASME Entry Rube Goldberg, 2010 Transcript 3:57
Vienna Study Abroad at UT Austin with Billy Wood, 2010 Transcript 4:34
ASME Flash Mob Sings UT Austin Fight Song, 2010 no transcript 00:51
Students Discuss Dr. Michael Webber (Dad's Award), 2010 Transcript 00:55

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