Homework Keys

Homework keys are in either PDF or MS Word files and can be read from your browser.  For the PDF files, use the Adobe Reader version 5.0 or later.  Keys will be added to the list after the homework assignment due date.

Homework 1 (Review of Functions and Sets)

Homework 2 (Basic Optimality Conditions)

Homework 3 (Convexity)

Homework 4 (Algorithms)

Homework 5 (Line Search)

Midterm I 

Homework 6 (Steepest Descent)

Homework 7 (Conjugate Gradient)

Homework 8 (Quasi-Newton)

Homework 9 (Optimality Conditions)

Midterm II

Homework 10 (Primal Methods 1)

Homework 11 (Primal Methods 2)

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