China Trip, December 13-21, 2010; Guangzhou, Xi’an, Liuzhou

Site of 2010 Asian Games - Guanghou

Guangzhou new stadium

MegaCenter Stadium in Guangzhou - used by 10 new universities

In front of Liuzhou city hall with Li and Xinhui

Entrance to one of the terra cotta pavilions

Standing warriors in background

Unearthed horse drawn chariot

A redoubtable horseman

More terra cotta figures

Who are the tourists?

Small pagoda in Xi’an city wall with Xinhui

Manning the big gun at the Citadel in Halifax

Li and Xinhui in Dragon Lake Park - Linzhou

 Traditional lunch in park restaurant

Audience participation


Wind and rain bridge in background


More posing in the park

Strange tree in Liuzhou

Rock museum in Liuzhou

Lecturing at Guangdong University in Guangzhou