Montana - Las Vegas Trip, June 16 -24, 2006; Yellowstone Park & Death Valley

Office at Parade Rest Guest Ranch, West Yellowstone, MT

Mammoth cabin

Wranglers looking for the horses

Which way did they go?

Dining hall at Parade Rest

City slickers

Rec cabin and hot tub

West entrance to the park

Man's best friend, the bison

Lake Yellowstone

Old Faithful blowing

Strange terrain

Mineral deposits in rocks

We've arrived

It's rock, not snow

Typical vista in park

A very weird mountain

Don't strain yourself, boys

After the climax

Steam rising from pits

Where are the fish?

The waterfall is bigger than it looks

It's all down hill from here

Rodeo in West Yellowstone

Hover Dam

Lowest point in the US

Borax mining area; Jon surveying remains of 20 mule team train

A moderate day on the salt flats in Death Valley; only 115 oF

You don't want to be lost here -- Death Valley hills

View from above borax mining camp