Photo Gallery of Trips

Costa Rica, June 2004 with Rich

China, May 2005, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Beijing

New Hampshire and Maine, July 2005 with Dave and Rich, including Mt. Washington, Rafting, and Windjammer

Montana and Las Vegas, June 2006 with Dave and Rich, including Yellowstone and Death Valley

Operations Research Faculty - October 2006

Nova Scotia, July 2007 with Dave and Rich, including Halifax, Tangier, and Digby

Moab and Las Vegas, June 2008 with Rich

Peru, June 2009 with Rich

Munich, July 2009 to visit TUM

Belize, July 2010 with Rich

China, Decembler 2010 with Xinhui Zhang and Lijian Huang

Grand Cayman Island, June 2011 with Rich

Panama, June 2012 with Rich

Cars of the 50s