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The Solar Energy and Biofuels Lab is proud to collaborate with David Crockett High School Science Department in creating a research course in which high school students partake in experiments at the Solar Energy and Biofuels Lab, learning from Dr. Berberoglu and his team of Ph.D. students. One high school student is selected per year and will typically perform an experiment and write a research paper for high school science credits.

This outreach programs embraces the vision of UT, providing education to the youth. The outreach allows for young minds to get a deeper look into alternative energy problems and solutions and the opportunities available in achieving higher education.

David Crockett High School Science Department




††† Zach has created an exceptional mini-photobioractor to grow algae (see below pictures). He gave a stellar presented at the Austin Childrenís Museum, as part of the Eco-Kids Camp to a group of Austins best 6-12 year-olds. He will again† present at the end of UTís Spring Semester, as a UT seminar for Professors and Graduate students demonstrating his year-long algae research.

The Solar Energy and Biofuels Lab is proud to announce Zachary Gil-Mata from David Crockett High School as the first participant in the UT High school Research course for 2009-2010 school year.† Zachary is an excellent student, in the top 10% of his class, serving as the President of the Health Occupations Student Association and volunteering at the Carestone Retirement Center with his HOSA classmates. He hope to attend medical school and become a doctor.




††† Austin Childrenís Museum kids camp visits UT and Dr. Bís Lab (17th June, 2010). The kids had a blast!!!