Solar Energy and Renewable Fuels Lab is currently recruiting exceptional Ph.D. and Post Doctoral members to work on challenging, exciting and innovative projects. Please contact Dr.Berberoglu for more information on available projects.

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Halil Berberoglu (Fall 2008-Present) Assistant Professor

Dr. Berberoglu received his PhD in mechanical engineering from UCLA and joined the Cockrell School of Engineering faculty in August 2008. He received his B.S.M.E and M.S.M.E degrees in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette. He is the recipient of the Frank Zmola Memorial scholarship in heat transfer.

Onur Taylan is a PhD candidate in Thermal Fluids System track in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey, in 2007 and 2010, respectively in Mechanical Engineering. His master's study focused on performance analysis of solar-assisted adsorption cooling systems. He has been working for the International Journal of Thermodynamics as the administrative assistant and online administrator since 2008. He joined the Solar Energy and Renewable Fuels Lab at The University of Texas at Austin in August 2010, and currently working towards his doctorate degree. His doctorate studies focus on designing and modeling non-thermal plasma reactors for solar fuel production as well as their electrical characterization and thermo-economic analysis.

Onur Taylan (Fall 2010-Present) Ph.D. Candidate

Joey Anthony earned his Bachelors from Dartmouth College in 2013. Highlights included implementing pico-hydroelectric systems in rural Rwanda and his work on an award winning design project, ‘Torch Height Control for Robotic Plasma Cutting.’ As a member of the Solar Energy and Renewable Fuels Lab, Joey’s research is focused on the design, fabrication and testing of a fast hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) reactor that utilizes a solar energy input for converting wet biomass to useful biocrude fuel.

Joey Anthony (Fall 2013-Present) M.S. Track

Cody, an Oregon native, joined the Solar Energy and Renewable Fuels group in the Fall of 2013. Before pursuing an engineering degree, Cody served for four and a half years as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. After his service Cody earned his BSME degree from the University of New Mexico in 2013 with hopes of working in the renewable energy (RE) industry. During his time in Albuquerque, Cody worked at Sandia National Laboratories as a student intern in the Wind Energy Technologies Department which served to grow his  interest in RE and motivated him to pursue a graduate degree. This led him to the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin. As a member of our lab, Cody is researching the utility of using concentrated solar thermal radiation for use in various thermo-chemical reactors for converting a number of biomass feedstock into fungible biofuels.

Cody Bond (Fall 2013-Present) M.S. Track

Dan Campbell earned a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering at Rice University in May 2013. He has done several internships in project management with Turner Construction. Additionally, during his undergraduate studies, he did research both in air quality monitoring and solar water desalination. Dan joined the our lab at UT Austin in August of 2013 and his current research centers on modeling mass transport and productivity in algal biofilm systems for applications in pollutant removal from waste streams and co-generation of biomass for biofuel production. 

Daniel Campbell (Fall 2013-Present) M.S. Track

Daniel Pinero earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in December 2012. He has done several internships at NASA centers with topics ranging from structural analysis to microfluidic flow and conducted undergraduate research in ablative materials. Daniel joined our lab at UT Austin in the Fall of 2013 and his current research focuses on studying the emission spectra of non-thermal CO2 plasmas generated by microhollow discharge reactors for applications in pollutant mitigation and synthetic fuel generation.

Daniel Pinero (Fall 2013-Present) M.S. Track

David Navar (Fall 2013-Present) M.S. Track

David Navar is a Ph.D. track student in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program at The University of Texas. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas Austin in 2011. He joined the Solar Energy and Renewable fuels lab in the fall of 2013. His research focuses on quantifying the composition and the physic-chemical properties of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) which play a critical role in cell attachment, biofouling, and biofloculation.

Babak Nasouri is a MS student in the Thermal/Fluid System track in the mechanical engineering department. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran/IRAN, in July 2012. He did his undergraduate thesis on simulating and characterizing the cycle variability of HCCI combustion. Babak joined The Solar Energy and Renewable Fuels Lab in fall 2012 and his research focuses NIR laser penetration in skin and development of inverse methods for measuring radiation characteristics of participating media.

Babak Nasouri (Spring 2013-Present) M.S. Track

Mahesh Venkatesan received his Bachelors (B.Tech) degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee (Roorkee, India) in 2011. He did his undergraduate thesis on active vibration control using piezoelectric sensors and actuators. Prior to joining UT, he worked at Shell Technology Centre in Bangalore, India as a Project Risk Analyst. Mahesh’s research focused on the analysis of a novel omni-directional wind turbine that also features integrated solar power generation capability.

Mahesh Ventakesan (Spring 2013-Present) M.S. Track

Luis Galindo (Fall 2013-Present) Undergraduate Researcher

Luis Galindo is an undergraduate student in the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department with a graduation date of May 2015. His undergraduate research is focused on studying the effects of algae growth when exposed to external electric and magnetic fields. Upon completing his bachelor’s degree, Luis plans on pursing a PhD in climate change and its effects on the water-energy nexus in U.S. metropolitan cities. His career plan is to become a research professor at a R1 university while serving as a mentor for organizations aimed at helping underrepresented students pursue a graduate degree.

Baida Jasso (Fall 2013-Present) High School Intern

Baida Jasso is a senior at David Crockett High School. She joined out laboratory as a high school researcher as part of the UT research experience program. Baida studies the effect of salinity on the sugar production by cyanobacteria. Upon completion of her high school program, Baida wants to attend college studying a science or an engineering degree.