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Utilizing Combustion to Meet the World's Energy Challenges


Converting fuels to thermal energy through combustion will remain a critical part of our energy future for at least the next 50 years.  The next decade, however, will bring significant changes in the fuel supply and tighter regulations on emissions from combustion devices. 

Dr. Janet Ellzey's group is studying processes and developing technologies to address these challenges. Through conversion of hydrocarbons to syngas, her group is understanding ways to produce hydrogen for use in fuel cells and combustion engines (link to project). Development of a commercially viable reactor (link to project) is a crucial component of developing this technology.  Applications of this reactor to portable power are particularly promising, but advanced manufacturing techniques are necessary to produce compact reactors. Along with combustion sciences, the Ellzey group also carries out armature/rail gun research at the University's Pickle Research Campus (link to project).

Contact and Visit

Dr. Janet Ellzey
ETC 7.148B
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Texas
Austin, TX   78712
Ph:  512 471 7020
Fax:  512 471 1045
Email:  jellzey AT mail DOT utexas DOT edu


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