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Mark Deinert

Mark Deinert
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Colorado School of Mines


Phone: 303-384-2387
Fax: 303-273-3602

Research in my group is focused on understanding the broader impacts of Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles. Put simply, nuclear fuel cycles encompass the material streams that move into and out of reactors, as well as the subsequent environmental, economic, and geopolitical effects that these materials have.

Our work includes developing multiscale models for fluid transport in porous media and their application to understanding phase changes in porous structures, such as those around geological repositories. Our group also works on methods to optimize nuclear reactor designs with the goal of minimizing nuclear powers radioactive signature. Achieving this goal has significant implications for life cycle impacts of nuclear energy systems, as well as the economics of nuclear power.

Research Areas

Renewable energy
Nuclear power
Nonequilbrium pocesses
Physics of complex systems

Focus Areas

Fluid transport

Energy systems

Energy policy

Complex systems