Projects for Underserved Communities

Projects for Underserved Communities is an innovative new course at The University of Texas at Austin that applies the talents of engineers to address real-world community needs. The goal of the course is to use the passion that we have for service and engineering to encourage leadership, teamwork, and sustainable development.

Phase I: Project Assesment

During the Fall semester, we evaluated nine prospective projects identified by communities in Ghana, Panama and Peru for feasibility, risk, impact, and sustainability.

Phase II: Concept Selection and Design

During the Spring semester, we will focus on concept selection, design and fundraising. We also will lead reconnaissance trips to Ghana and Peru.

Implementation: Summer Projects

With the help of community members, our professors, and professional volunteers, we will travel during Summer 2010 to develop and implement water systems for:

Join our efforts!

Our biggest challenge to completing these projects is the cost of materials and travel. Your valuable contributions would go a very long way toward ensuring that these developments become a reality! Learn how to contribute funding, mileage, time, and technical expertise.

"Every $1 invested in water sanitation can yield up to $34 in developing countries."

                                                                                                  Source: WHO/UNICEF

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