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    List of Courses Taught by Dr. Hidrovo:

    1. Fluid Mechanics (ME 330) -- Undergraduate Level: Fluid properties, statics, conservation laws, inviscid and viscous incompressible flow, flow in confined streams and around objects.
    2. Experimental Fluid Mechanics (ME 130L) -- Undergraduate Level: Experimental design concepts, uncertainty analysis, and systems analysis as applied to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer systems.
    3. Fundamentals of Incompressible Flow (ME 381P.1) -- Graduate Level: Detailed study of fluid dynamics, boundary layer phenomena, and incompressible flows. Fundamentals. Kinematic and dynamic equations for compressible viscous flow, incompressible flow criteria, viscous flow patterns, and solution methods.
    4. Multiscale Flow and Transport Phenomenon (ME 381P.4) -- Graduate Level: Fundamentals of flow and transport phenomena in multiscale systems, including momentum, energy, and mass transport phenomena at the microscale; surface tension (capillarity); electrokinetics; micro-scale transport in porous media; multi-phase flow; rheology; and complex fluids.
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