Based in part on Color Atlas of Physiology, Agamemnon Despopoulos, Stefan Silbernagl Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. , 1991, New York Peterson et al., MBC 15(7): 3947-3508 (2004)
New Developments

mailing address
IMPACT Laboratory
University of Texas at Austin
Mechanical Engineering
1 University Station C2200
Austin, TX 78712-0292

physical address
IMPACT Laboratory
Engineering Teaching Center
204 East Dean Keeton Street
Austin, TX 78705

student office
ETC 4.114
phone: (512) 471-0094

ETC 6.104

IMPACT Lab @ Explore UT

 Handout from Explore UT

Handout from interactive ExploreUT demonstration put on by members of the IMPACT Lab.

Steve explains current research in an easy to under stand language.

A short video showing how secondary structures of proteins unfold under load. This Alpha-Helix had constant force loads applied to the ends of the helix and was simulated for 6 ns.

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