Steve Gomez-Leon

Graduate Research Assistant
Mechanical Engineering Department
ETC 6.120
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712 U.S.A.

Telephone: (512)/471-5723
Fax: (512)/471-8727
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Last modified 10/31/95

I am a graduate research assistant in the Mechanical Systems and Design Program as part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin.

What am I doing in the IMPACT lab

I am designing various mechanical components that will be used on a filament winding machine that will incorporate in-situ curing. This work is being used as a thesis topic as I pursue my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. The mechanical components include an instrumented mandrel, a heat lamp assembly, and a compaction device.


I began college in the fall of 1989 at U.T.E.P. After my freshman year, I transferred to The University of Texas at Austin, where I received a B.S. with High Honors in Mechanical Engineering in the Fall of 1994. During the course of my undergraduate education, I have interned with Shell Oil Company for a total of four summers. Two summers internships were at the Deer Park Refinery and two summer internships were at the Westhollow Technology Center.

Research Interests

My current research interests include the design of mechanical components for the filament winding machine. Currently I am focusing on the mandrel. The mandrel consists of a 5" diameter stainless steel pipe that will have thermocouples and strain gages installed within the pipe to measure the temperature and pressure of the composite windings on the mandrel. The next stage of my research will be to begin the design of the compaction device.

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