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2/20/2011: The MP Model Builder add-in, Jensen LP/IP solver add-in, and Math Programming add-in were modified to allow more than 32000 nonzero coefficients in the LP constraint matrix. The Jensen Network Solver add-in was modified to have more than 32000 arcs.
2/11/2011: Revised all the add-ins to correct formats for Excel 2010 and Excel 2011. Replace all your add-ins.
1/27/2011: Complete documentation for Math Programming Model Builder
1/16/2011: Created a new add-in in the ORMM Collection, Math Programming Model Builder
7/23/10: Added a new page on using the add-ins with Excel 2010.
6/28/10:Added a new add-in and demo file for the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) method. Be sure to download the new Math Programming Models add-in to use with this add-in. It must be installed to use the DEA add-in.
4/18/10: Corrected a number of errors to the Routing and Opt_Sequence add-ins. If you have data constructed with the old add-ins, transfer it to this new form.
4/11/10: Added a customer worksheet to the Routing model. Modified the Routing add-in to correct errors and improve functionality.
Added interface for Google Earth to the Routing add-in.
2/17/10: Updated all add-ins to correct an error that might occur for large problems.
Download the new Jensen library and replace your add-ins.
1/25/10: Added geographic coordinates and Great Cycle Distances to the Routing add-in

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