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Operations Research Models and Methods
Computation Section
Add-in Basics
Unit Using Add-ins

The programs described in this site, must be installed as add-ins for Microsoft Excel. This article explains how to install add-ins
Unit Excel 2007/2008
Excel 2008 is part of Office for Windows. The navigation of Excel 2007 is quite different than previous versions. This article explains how to access the various activities necessary to install and run the add-ins. Excel 2008 is part of Office for the Mac. Unfortunately, Excel 2008 does not support VBA and the add-ins cannot be used with that program.
Unit Excel 2010
Excel 2010 is part of Office 10 for Windows. The installation and use of add-ins is quite different than earlier models.
Unit In Case of Trouble
You may experience trouble when using the add-ins. This articles lists errors with possible remedies. If you cannot rectify the problem, contact the author.
Unit Source Code
Add-ins are programmed in Visual Basic for Applications, the macro language for the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. The source code for some of the add-ins are protected by a password. This article tells how you can gain access to the source code.
Unit Join the Group
There is a Google group related to this site. Changes and announcements are distributed through this group. Use the icon below to join. Share your experiences about using the add-ins in this collection, point out problems, and make suggestions for improvements and additions.
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