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Operations Research Models and Methods
Computation Section

Templates are Excel workbooks that solve specific problems without the use of add-ins. Although most templates are constructed with add-ins, all links to the add-in programs have been replaced by Excel built-in functions or calls to macros provided witht he template. This will make a template easier to use for persons unfamiliar with add-ins. Templates have the suffix (.xls).

The templates provide the data form, but different data may be entered. They open through the Files menu of Excel or by double clicking on the Excel workbook icon. The Templates are independent of the Excel add-ins in the collections, so they are not troubled by Missing Links problem. This is convenient for some users.

Some of the templates have macros. These are subroutines and functions written in VBA and included in the workbook. They are not password protected so you can review and change them with the VBA editor. When you open a template with macros, a security warning is issued by Excel asking whether or not you want to enable the macros. You must indicate Enable Macros to continue.

Unit Template Names

The templates listed are available in July 2007. They may be dowloaded from the Template download page. All but the Hurricane tracking program are games constructed by the Simulation add-in.


 File Name



Hurricane Tracking and Forecasting


P & G Game (Production Control Simulation)


Inventory Game


 Production Game



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