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Operations Research Models and Methods
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Add ORMM Add-in
The add-ins in the collection are divided into three sets: ORMM, Teach OR and OM/IE. Easy installation and removal of the add-ins are provided by three add-ins: Add ORMM, Add Teach and Add OMIE. These three also provide easy access to the demonstration workbooks for each collection.

The Add ORMM add-in allows the user to install and remove add-ins in the ORMM collection without using the Add-in command of the Tools menu. With the add-in installed, OR_MM appears on the Excel menu as shown to the left. Selecting the Add ORMM item presents the dialog below. When the check box adjacent to a title is selected the add-in is installed. When a check is removed, the add-in is removed and the associated items on the ORMM menu are deleted. If an entry on the list has a gray color, the associated add-in cannot be located.

ORMM Dialog

The dialog shows all the ORMM add-ins that are in the same folder or directory as the Add ORMM add-in. The Scan button causes a search of that directory.

To install the Add ORMM add-in, choose the Add-in command on the Tools menu. Browse to find the directory where the add-in is stored and double click on it. Once installed, the ORMM menu remains on the main menu bar of Excel. This makes the entire ORMM collection of add-ins immediately available. For more instructions on installing and using add-ins see the Using Add-inssection.

The OMIE button on the dialog installs the Add OMIE add-in for access to the add-ins in the OM/IE collection. The Teach button installs the Add Teach add-in for access to the add-ins in the Teach OR collection.



  The Demos command button presents the dialog below. The buttons refer to Excel workbooks that demonstrate features of the add-ins. To open a workbook, click its button. The workbook opens after the ORMM dialog is dismissed.
Demonstration Dialog
  To be available, the demonstration workbooks must be placed in a folder called demo_xls. The demo_xls folder must be placed in the same folder as the add-ins.

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