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Operations Research Models and Methods
Computation Section
Subunit Dynamic Programming Collection
 - Start/Finish

The figure at the left shows the command menu with the DP Collection installed. Each add-in includes Start and Finish commands.

The add-ins place a variety of control buttons on worksheets. The buttons are linked to the computer and the add-in file that created them. This causes error messages regarding links when a workbook created on one computer is opened on another. If you open one of the examples provided on this site, you may see a message that asks whether to relink the buttons. The best response is to click the Cancel button and use the Start commands.

The Start command deletes old buttons and creates new ones that link to the add-in installed in the computer being used. Each Start command affects only the sheets of the workbook related to the specific add-in. For example, the Start command for the DP Data add-in fixes the buttons on all worksheets created by the DP Data add-in. If different types of worksheets comprise the Excel workbook, the Start command must be executed for each type.



It is good practice to always delete buttons that will engender error messages if a workbook is to be opened on another computer. Use the Finish command prior to closing a workbook to delete all buttons. All the buttons in the workbook are deleted by this command.

After the buttons are deleted with the Finish command, they are easily replaced with the Start command.

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