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Operations Research Models and Methods
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 -Dual Tableau Format

The dual tableau format is the transpose of the tableau format. It is useful because the number of constraints is usually much fewer than the number of variables. This is convenient for earlier versions of Excel where the number of columns is limiting. For later versions of Excel this is not really a problem because the available number of columns is very large.

dual tableau




Variable data is arranged in columns for this format. The number of rows is equal to the number of variables. The primal solution of the optimization problem is in column F and the dual solution is in columns K and L. The other columns hold the parameters.

dual tableau variables



  Constraint information is presented by rows.
dual tableau constraints


Coefficient Matrix

  The constraint coefficient matrix is stored under the constraints and to the right of the variables. The matrix is the transpose of the similar matrix for the tableau format.
dual tableau coefficients
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