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Operations Research Models and Methods
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 - Transfer/Change

The transfer feature changes a model with one format into another. When you select the Linear/Integer Model command when a worksheet holding an LP/IP model is active, the Transfer Data checkbox is enabled on the format dialog. Click that box and choose one of the format options. Then the data from the active worksheet is transferred to a new model with the requested format.

The example shows model LP_1 active. It has the Tableau format. Choosing the Linear/Integer Model command and clicking the tranfer button will create a new model, LP_5, with the Dual Tableau format. The data for LP_5 will be transferred from the LP_1 model.

transfer dialog



Clicking on the Change button presents the model dialog. The features of the model that cannot change are grayed. For the example the modification prescribes one additional variable and one additional constraint. We also require a mixed model with the first five variables typed as integer.


The changed model is below. New variables are added to the right of the variable list, and new constraints are added to the bottom of the constraint list. The constraint matrix is expanded by one row and column. The problem has been solved with Excel Solver. The new features are not effective since the default coefficients are zero.

changed model
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