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Operations Research Models and Methods
Computation Section
Markov Analysis

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The Markov Analysis Add-in performs a wide range of computations associated with discrete time Markov processes (DTMC) and continuous time Markov processes (CTMC). The add-in is may be used independently or may be called from add-ins in the DP Collection. When the add-in is installed, the items on the left are added to the OR_MM menu.

The add-in creates and analyzes either the DTMC (often called Markov Chain), or CTMC (often called Markov Process) models. Click on a link to the left to see illustrations of the two types. This section gives illustrations of how the add-in is used. There are more examples of the DTMC and CTMCin the Models section of this site.

The Start command replaces buttons on the worksheets created by this add-in. The Finish command removes all the buttons and user-defined functions. This makes it simpler to open a data file on a different computer without generating a link error message. It is better to remove the buttons before saving. Use the Finish command to accomplish this. When a workbook is subsequently opened, the Start command makes the worksheets functional. The example files for this add-in have been saved with the buttons removed. For a full discussion of this feature is the Start/Finish page of the DP Collection.


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