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Operations Research Models and Methods
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Subunit Operations Management/Industrial Engineering
  - Add OMIE
  When called, this add-in lists all the OM/IE add-ins that are in the same directory as the Add OMIE add-in. An add-in is installed and removed by checking or unchecking the associated checkbox on the OMIE dialog. The add-in also opens demonstration files that illustrate the add-ins. To use this feature these files must be stored in a Demo folder that is in the same directory as the add-in collection.
Add-in - Click the add-in name to download a zipped .xla file.
Add-in Name


Associated Add-ins
Add-in Name
All OM/IE add-ins
Each add-in has a checkbox on the dialog. Check the box to install the add-in. Uncheck the box to remove it.


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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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