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Operations Research Models and Methods
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Subunit ORMM Templates
  -P & G Game (Production Control Simulation
  To train their production managers in the strategy developed, the Proctor and Gamble company developed a simulation model to illustrate the effects of the varying demand. Our version is programmed in VBA using features of the Simulation add-in. The P&G Game is an Excel workbook called png_game.xls. Open the workbook by double clicking the Excel file or using the Open command on the Excel file menu. Because the workbook contains VBA macros, you must respond affirmatively to Excel’s security warning about opening files with macros. Click the leaf icon to the right to read about the game. A recent version of the Simulation add-in must also be installed.
Template - Click the template name to download a zipped .xla file.
Template Name


Associated Add-ins - Click the add-in name to transfer to the add-in page.
Add-in Name
The Simulation add-in must be installed in order to run this game.


Demonstration Files - Click the demo name to download a .xls file.
Demo Name
File Name
The demo is built into the template.
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Operations Research Models and Methods
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