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Operations Research Models and Methods
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Subunit Operations Management/Industrial Engineering
  - Routing

This program models and solves the vehicle routing problem for several vehicles visiting several delivery sites. A primary goal is to reduce the total distance required to serve all the sites. The vehicles may have several resources, such as capacity, weight or space. Deliveries consume resources. One goal is to serve all the delivery sites without exceeding the resources available. The delivery sites may have time windows. A goal is to arrive at the site before the early delivery time and leave after the late delivery time. The various goals are related through numeric penalties. The goal of the optimization is to minimize the sum of the weighted goal violations. Use the latest version of the Optimal Sequencing add-in with this Routing add-in.

The add-in uses linear distances, Euclidean distances or user supplied measure distances. An output option is to represent the route on Google Earth Maps.

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The Optimal Sequencing add-in must be available to determine solutions for the Routing add-in.


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