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Operations Research Models and Methods

Chapter Excel Files

Chapter Excel Files

All the Excel documents from this site can be downloaded from the Download Excel page. Click the Icon below to go there.Downl

Alternatively you can download the example file for a particular chapter from the list below. These are Excel data files (.xls) that solve the examples in the textbook.

File Name Chapter
Ch. 2 Linear Programming Models
Ch. 3 Linear Programming Methods
Ch. 4 Sensitivity Analysis, Duality, and Interior Point Methods
Ch. 5 Network Flow Programming Models
Ch. 6 Network Flow Programming Methods
Ch. 7 Integer Programming Models
Ch. 8 Integer Programming Methods
Ch. 9 Nonlinear Programming Models
file 1
file 2
Ch. 10 Nonlinear Programming Methods
Ch. 12 Discrete -Time Markov Chain Models
file 1
file 2
Ch. 13 Discrete -Time Markov Chain Mathematics
Ch. 14 Continuous -Time Markov Chain Models
file 1
file 2
Ch. 15 Continuous -Time Markov Chain Mathematics

Ch. 16 Queuing Models

Ch. 17 Queuing Networks

Ch. 18 Simulation
file 1
file 2
file 3
file 4
Equivalent Linear Programs (Supplement)
Dynamic Programming Models (Supplement)
Dynamic Programming Methods (Supplement)

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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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