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Operations Research Models and Methods



I appreciate the many comments and suggestions that I have received over the years, and I invite your response to these free materials. If you find them useful, please drop me a note. Your note may encourage additional effort on my part, let me know that my efforts are not in vain, and will brighten my day. For some ideas about feedback click here.

We have received many e-mails regarding this site, the Excel add-ins and the book, and testimonials from some are repeated on this page.

4/15/09: (Student in Istanbul Turkey) The instructors were shocked when I have told them that you have answered my mail. From thousand miles away you have taught them how to be an instructor in real. Thanks for your kindness as a person and your help as an instructor.

3/3/09: (Lecturer at a university in Greece) I am using your excellent Excel add-ins in my courses (Revision date: February 21, 2008) but I get some errors in Windows Vista (with Excel 2007). Could you please send me the source code? I will return suggested fixes. Answer: The password in this on the Source Code page. Please tell me of any errors you find.

2/27/09: I keep getting an error message (freeze pane "window failed") on my mac when I try to run linear/integer with the OR_MM program. Is this program mac compatible? Answer: Yes it is Mac compatible. On the view page of the Excel Preferences, change the default open page to Normal.

1/28/09: An analyst of telecommunication data. I was looking at ways to improve my 5-year forecasts when I ran across your macro online. First of all, you're either a genius or insane (or both), but I can't even tell you how awesome I think you are if I'm understanding how to use this XL add-in properly! I hope it's OK for non-students to use it. Answer: The add-ins are free for all to use.

1/2/09: I am from Venezuela.I hold an PhD in statistics and also I am the academic director of risk and insurance diploma at Catholic University in Caracas Venezuela. I would like to donwloading the whole package because I consider it of high pedagogical value.Many books that explain basics in a way very complicated (black boxes). On the contrary your explanantions are totally clean, clear, simple, in a word outstanding.

12/14/08: I’m a long time admirer of your research, work, and books. I have independently taken on the studies of operations research simply as a hobby, and use it throughout my military service to keep my mind motivated and constantly in a learning mode. For months now I have been using your Excel add-ins to practice practical application in operations research for military application and elsewhere.

11/28/08: Is there a way to overcome the spreadsheet number of colums limit I think 256. I understand that we may use the MPS format; do you have a conveter to MPS that works on VBA Excel. Answer: The LP/IP Solver takes models that are created in the Math Programming add-in. The models are limited by the number of columns of Excel. That's probably sufficient for most student problems, but Excel 2007 has a much greater number of columns. For a very large problem, it's better to use a commercial solver.

9/4/2008: A student in Industrial Engineering: I was very interested in your research in facility layout software esspecially in Excel program. I was in the last semester in Industrial engineering faculty and want to make my last project to complete my degree. I want to expand in your excel program. Message goes on about using quadratic programming for facility layout.

7/23/08: Love your ORMM site and Excel plug-ins. My colleague and I have been steadily moving through your tutorials and wealth of information relating to dynamic programming. We are currently reviewing the knapsack and investment teaching spreadsheets. Message goes on about modifying VBA code.

6/16/08: PhD student from France: I have advanced with my model comprising finally of 1050 variables and 350 integer variables with 541 constraints. I know it will take more time but instead of solving I am geting an error. Note: We are working to correct the error.

6/12/08: PhD student from France: I most appreciate Benders algorithm which was previously very difficult for my Thesis Supervisor :) now is no more difficult but is the easiest part and I must congratulate you for launching algorithm with demonstrated example. I am really amazed and happy to see your efforts for the contribution of knowledge openly shared for further refinement. Note: The Benders' algorithm is part of the TeachIP add-in.

5/20/08: Manager of Sales and Marketing at a wine distribution company: I just wanted to complement you on your site. I had an OR class as an under grad at SFSU and knew it would apply to a problem I'm currently working on at work. Your site is clear, easy to use and concise. Thank you for doing complete work and sharing it with the world.

5/20/08: I am a math teacher in China. I have used your excel add in to teach OR several times. It helps a lot. I wonder if it is possible to have your permission to translate the add ins into Chinese so it will be easier for Chinese students. Please accept my appreciation for your nice work. Answer: Yes.

5/14/08: Professor from California: You have done amazing work in OR/QBA, Paul and I will always hold you in high regard.

5/1/08: I’ve been looking at your site and trying to utilize the above (Optimize and Combinatorics) add-ins. It’s all very interesting stuff. Thanks for the detail on your site – it’s excellent.

4/21/08: PhD student studying stochastic modeling of hurricanes. I came across your hurricane workbook. While reading it you cite a two stage Markov process by Will Lesso. His model seems like it would integrate well with what I am working on.

4/19/08: I work for a liquor wholesaler and our trucks carry products to all parts of Texas. I think you are on the right track with your Excel program (Vehicle Routing Excel Module) and it could have a bright future as the price of diesel and gasoline continue to rise.

3/14/08: I'd like to thank you for making your Excel add-ons available online. I'm starting to pair your Transportation models with some heavy simulations and so far I am getting excellent results.

5/28/08: Belgium Engineering Firm: We wanted to use your solver for rather large LP problems in our research projects. Could you please tell me how the full power of the solver can be unleashed? Is number of variables as well as constraints unlimited? Answer: There are no limiting dimensions in the LP/IP add-in but there may be memory problems with large problems. The program has not been tested for large problems.

1/28/08: MBA Student: Keep up the good work, these add-ins are great tools for students learning OR/OM/IE!

12/14/08: My background is in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State University. Wish I would have had a professor who had developed tools like this for students. When working at UPS I developed an Excel Application for Inbounding trailers and tracking arrival times to better forecast optimal door rotations. Your plugins probably would have helped me arrive at a better solution much faster. Again I appreciate your work and making it available to others.

12/10/08: Sales Manager from a distribution company: I must say I am grateful for your Excel plugin. I have been trying to develop a TSP solution using MS EXCEL, however Excel Solver seems to be very poor at solving routing and TSP problems. I am really trying to create a logistics software for my small business where we run 3-4 trucks and expect to grow. I do not have the time to plan myself and need a simple tool that will provide a reasonable/feasible solution. I would love to partner up in developing an application that is affordable and scalable. Currently good logistics software runs $10K+ and that is just a little too much of an investment for me and my 4 trucks. Again your plugins have been of great help. Note: This communication led to the development of the Vehicle Routing add-in.

12/4/07: Professor from Brazil: The Teach ORMM Instructor's Resource CD-ROM (0-471-42690-3, 2003) works fine. All resources are very good and the flash demos and excel files (Methods) are very instructive. Note: Book supporting material is distributed by Wiley through the internet. See the student and instructor support pages at this site.

11/21/07: Engineer from Greece: I found your pages in Internet while trying to find a way to get the CRAFT program (or other similar ones e.g. CORELAP). Could you please help me find the software? How could I possibly buy it? Answer: The software is free download it from the OM/IE add-in page.

11/19/07: Student from Bogotá, Colombia: I am a student of Industrial Engineering in Colombia, and I am greatly benefiting from your book, "Operation Research Models and Methods".

11/4/07: Paul Jensen was awarded the 2007 INFORMS Prize for the Teaching of ORMS Practice.

10/12/07: I'm a systems analyst with the City of Chesapeake and I was rummaging thru some OR sites and came upon yours. Is there a price for downloading these files? You mentioned a book as being something that fills in the holes etc. Being a math major I'm always interested in applying the art when ever possible. Answer: The files are free.

9/6/07: The same IT Manager as the next message: There seems to be a plethora of applications pertaining to project management out there. However, very few are all inclusive such as yours (Project Management add-in). What I liked about yours is the fact that: 1. It is all inclusive. 2. It’s raw (i.e., nothing pretty or fancy GUI) 3. Zero memory hog!

9/5/07: An IT Manager at a company: Hats off to you for an awesome (Project Management) add-in?! Thank you for your hard work and allowing the population to use it. Keep up the GREAT work! I do have one question. Can I or anyone else using your add-ins down load the instructions for using it. I have noticed the DEMO page and the ability to view the instructions on-line however, is there a place where I can down load the instructions for off-line use. (Answer: There is no off-line documentation, but if anyone wants to produce a document from any of the add-ins, send it to me and I'll publish it. Documents in non-English languages are also welcome.)

8/9/07: A Professor of QM: I discovered Professor Jensen’s web wonderful site about three years ago and have been recommending it to my students ever since. The two modules I use most are Project Management and Linear Programming. The LP model is the easiest to use and most user friendly program I have ever found for LP. The Project Management module is amazing because of its graphic capabilities as well as its ease of use.

8/7/07: I have just downloaded the MRP add in and I wanted to congatulate you for this good job. My question is about the limited number of MPS and number of parts that we can use. Answer: I don't think there are built in restrictions. Try a large number and see what the program says. If that doesn't solve your problem, you can look at the code. The password is ppp.

6/14/07: I work in managing contact center operations, and have been active in modeling both phone-oriented as well as non-phone (paper and workflow) processes. I have found the ORMM site very helpful, and have purchased the Jensen/Bard book, which has been great in introducing me to several OR techniques.

5/27/07: A chief engineer speaking about Second Life classroom: I think this site has tremendous potential for learning OR....I think excerpts from the type Richard Feynman used to give to his students...would go a long way. I think the site itself is extremely intriguing with respect to interactive learning. Note: The Second Life classroom has been discontinued.

5/21/07: A message from Second Life: This place Rocks! Thanks for making SL a better place.

4/4/07: A Navy Planner: Thank you for your wonderful website. I'm exploring tool options for helping to look at the service pilot training pipeline, as a "production" process; dynamic cycle times, delay, rework, waste, WIP, with multi-site (geographic), multi-pipeline tracks. Have downloaded some of your add-ins with which to play. Note: The Process Flow add-in is relevant to these problems.

3/12/07: A professor from Pittsburgh: I was wondering if you had further documentation that I could obtain related to your CRAFT Add-in for Excel? I think it is a great tool and am planning to use it in my facility layout class. Answer: The only documentation is on-line.

3/7/07: As I bring up your various spreadsheets and realize the opportunity they provide to learn how these various techniques work and letting us novices see real good VBA programming [ which has always seemed a mystery ] and just come away with a sense of deep gratitude for your generosity and desire that more folks and students understand Operations Research. It's not often that someone make available "real" stuff. I wish I had these resources when I had Operations Research back in the early 1980's. As I approach my 59th birthday, this is great stuff to keep the brain "tuned up" because at this point in time work has become quite routine and too predictable.

2/20/07: A professor from San Antonio Texas: I tried your PNG (Production Control Game) and it worked fine. I wonder if the user is also able to specify the distribution of the demand. (Answer: Yes all game parameters may be changed.)

2/20/07: A former student from California: When I received my MBA in 1983, I had to take an entire semester of Operations Research. Just going through your book I can see a world of difference.

2/20/07: A production planner from Zimbabwe: I so happen to have come across your Materials Requirements Planning work sheet and it has made my work very easy and much more interesting.

2/16/07: An MS OR Grad from Virginia: I have not worked in the field for many years. However, I appreciate the value of the tools and methods and am looking for a possible solution to a transportation-type problem. I was impressed with your web site and the Excel tools you have built, and I hope they can be applied to my need.

2/16/07: A teaching assistant from Puerto Rico: I am the teacher assistant in a class of production planning and control. I use your Excel add-in (mrp.xla) to teach the students about material requirement planning. I want to know if you can give me the password of it so I can modify it only for academic purpose. (Answer: The password is in the About Add-ins section.)

2/7/07: A practitioner from Missouri: As to whether or not the add-ins are helpful. Oh, man, they are wonderful! I haven’t done any OR work since college some twenty-odd years ago. The add-ins and your very informative website made it possible for me to get a model setup and solution found in a very short time.

1/24/07: A professor from Oklahoma: What would I need to do to use some of these applications in my classes other than referencing the origins? They look very well though out and appear to be a great teaching aid. (Answer: Feel free to use them.)

1/16/07: A MSC Graduate from Pakistan: I am from Pakistan. I have done MSC in Operations Research and I find this site very useful and handy. I am promoting your website to the students of operations research, Industrial engineers, operations management, manufacturing engineering etc.

12/14/06: A Junior College Professor from Massachusetts: My students are going to enjoy using software that does not require a Doctorate to figure out.

10/19/06: A Research Associate from Calgary Canada: Thank you so much for your website and all the excel models you have on your website. It is such a help to me in my work.

10/3/06: A Teaching Assistant in Iran: Today I found ORMM site. It made me so excited, because I found it so useful for OR learners. I am going to introduce this website to Integer Programming and decision making students.

5/5/06: The ORMM site wins the 2006 Innovative Instructional Technology Awards Program Gold Award for Resource Development at the University of Texas at Austin.

5/5/06: Bank Vice President from Boston, Mass.: I Googled my way to the ORMM site and was blown away by the wealth of material. What are the terms (if any) under which I could use some of the add-ins as part of an in-house tool I am developing for people in my group? Answer: You are welcome to use them as you will. I appreciate credit on any published material. I am available for consulting involving modifications or application of the add-ins.

5/3/06: Professor from Colombia: I teach OR for engineering students at this university. We found your add-ins very useful so we are planning to translate the code for the programs to run in full spanish version. Answer: I hope you will put the spanish versions on the web. I would be glad to link to them.

4/21/06: CFA from Virginia: Thank you for the valuable site! On a scale of 1 to 10 I am a 5 level VBA "expert." Your site is a gift.

3/17/06: We are 4th year M. sc. in Computer Application and I. T. students from India. We are thanking you for providing such useful plug ins for O.R. problem solving in Excel. I found them so impressive that I couldn't stop myself from sending you this mail, thank you again. You have provided all this as accessible to every one is the most important thing.

3/15/06: Former student: I've been digging through boxes looking for my OR notes (in your classes) from 17 years ago as an undergrad at UT. Couldn't believe my good fortune to find this wonderful website. You see, I am wrestling with a business problem that I know can be solved using a network program -- thanks for providing the tools (in EXCEL!) that will make short work of this!

3/2/06: Professor from the Netherlands: I am considering to use your book Operations Models and Methods for a senior undergraduate course next semester for students in applied mathematics and computer science at the Vrije University in Amsterdam.Your book is a great book. I wonder whether a solutions manual is available for instructors adopting the book. Answer: There is an instructor's CD available from Wiley, ISBN 0471426903.

2/12/06: Student from Amsterdam, Holland: During my search for a easy way to create a lot of MRP's I came across your perfectly working Excel Add-in.

1/28/06: Prof. David Morton from the University of Texas: My students use Paul Jensen's Add-Ins for topics ranging from optimization to simulation and stochastic processes. The Add-Ins are remarkably easy to use, allowing students to focus on problem-solving insights rather than cryptic software constructs.

1/25/06: A student from Texas: I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed using your ORMM Excel add-ins. I have found the random variant generation and simulation one especially useful, since it gives you a quick and easy way to generate/simulate virtually every type of random variable under the sun.

1/05/06: A practitioner from Zimbabwe: I saw a lot of interesting information on your website, and thus decided to join the club in order to get access to the information.

12/24/05: Business student in London: My final year project (Dissertation) requires the construction of a Dynamic Programming model, and I came upon your site while Googling to find an Excel add-in that will help me with this.

12/13/05: A practitioner from Stockholm: I found your excellent Excel add-ins for optimization on the web. What are the terms for usage? Can it be used for commercial purposes, and in that case what there license/fees involved? Answer: The add-in use is not restricted. I would appreciated recognition in any publications or any applications produced.

11/23/05: A practitioner from U.S.: you helped me out about 2 or so years ago when I was working at ... . Back then we did not have a formal ERP or MRP system in place, and I used this Excel add-in to help me out with material planning.

11/18/05: A government analyst in the U.S.: I downloaded the Jensen.lib WinZip and installed it. It worked like a charm this time. I am so excited about using the ORMM tools. Thanks so much for your time and valuable assistance.

10/22/05: A secondary school math teacher from Portugal: I have developed several worksheets in Excel to help myself to understand the Theory of Graphs. I have searched Internet for the same approach and I found your site. Your cool programs for Excel were downloaded.

10/17/05: A friend that has XP setup the addin files the exact same way that I set them up on my computer and every single addin worked fine.

10/16/05: A PHD Student: I have been very pleased with some of the models that you have published on your web site and I especially use the Linear Programming with the integer solution option.

10/16/05: A professor: I'd been following your site these past years, and I'm impressed. I'm presently on Sabbatical Leave form my teaching appointment, and would be back next term. More power to you!

9/12/05: A Texas student working the simulation feature of the Random Variables add-in: I was in need of some tools for doing random variable and simulation of some spreadsheets (for projects in all three of our courses this semester: Finance, Operations Management, and Marketing). This has been great, very useful without all the overhead I remember from @RISK.

8/24/05: I was visiting your incredible Operations Research web site. Amazing!

8/22/05: A professor from Nebraska: I'm using your book for my OR course this fall. I like your approach and am particularly excited about exploring your Excel add-ins. I was moving in that direction myself even before I found your book, so I'm delighted that all this material is available.

8/18/05: A professor from Denmark: I am an associate professor from Denmark who are in the process of preparing an undergraduate course in "Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management" for autumn 2005. I am very impressed by the collection of excel/VBA add-ins at your site and i would like to use some of the modules to illustrate to my students some of the more quantitative aspects of OR. I plan to write a short introduction in Danish on how to get the add-ins from your site and how to activate the add-ins within excel.

Thanks for letting my students "look behind" the addins using the password. I am sure that the students interested in VBA will benefit (and we do have a small group that are pretty exited about the VAB/EXCEL possibilities).

7/20/05: Excel/VBA developer: Found your very interesting site. My son just graduated with a major in economics and finance and a minor in math. I have been trying to get him interested in operation research. Your site may help me to accomplish this aim.

7/14/05: A professor from the Azores, Portugal: I'm responsible for a decision support course in Azores University and the first (and simpler) “systems” we work are based on Excel analysis. You have made this an easier task.

6/25/05:A student from China: I have been busy with my paper in the last several months. I finished my dissertation and obtained a MD degree. Your add-ins help me a lot with my study on OR. And more Chinese student will benefit from your add-ins.

6/14/05: An Industrial Engineering student from India: Recently I came across your site and got hooked to it. It is so content rich & easy to navigate. It is proving to be the panacea for all my OR queries. I am going to buy the book soon. Please tell if I could be of any help in this noble project.

5/27/05: Great add-ins. Thanks for allowing people like me who are trying to teach themselves OR and how to implement it in VB to access your code.

5/14/05: I have graduated from Industrial engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University,Cyprus. First of all, I would like to thank you to gain us this valuable web site. Because I have cleared the subjects in my mind that not understood in my study.

4/20/05: Professor from Colorado: A couple of years ago, a former masters student of mine, and I used your network solver for our Career Field Designation Problem -- a model that the Army is using to assign Army officers to career fields (to appear in Interfaces). I now have a shortest path model to place a feeder in an aggregate (sand and gravel) mine and would like to again use your network solver to solve
models that contain about 100 nodes and 5000 arcs. Would it be possible to obtain an unlocked version of your network solver?

Later: I went ahead and ran about 12 scenarios with your large
network solver and compared both the objective function values and
solutions against what I obtained with AMPL/CPLEX. All matched exactly.

8/27/04: Please add me to your email list, and thanks for some many useful resources! ... Well, I just bought your book online... the clincher was that you gave out the password to access the VBA in your add-ins.

8/21/04: I am a graduate student for MD of Management School of Tian Jin University of China. I find your website by Google. And then I download many add-ins from your website. They really do me very much in OR and OM/IE. Before this it is difficult to study OR by computer for me, for many of us. Maybe I am the first one who use your excel add-in in my school .I will try my best to introduce your website to my colleagues as many as possible. I should say "thank you very much" to you and your website.

8/11/04: I'm a MBA student from Wharton working on a class project for eBay on creating a markov model of site. I came across your excel plug in on the web and I am extremely pleased with what I'm able to do with it. It is simply amazing.

7/21/04: An Engineer from Dallas: I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done with your add-ins and your site. You have single-handedly made me want to pursue my PHD in ORM .I use your add-ins constantly in my work and make sure my colleagues know about them. On any new computer installation I have it is one of the first enhancements of a base system I perform.

7/16/04: 21,000 visits to the main page since 7/22/03.

7/12/04: From Portugal: Congratulations for your excellent site and for the information you are supplying free of charge.

7/7/04: Karel de Grote-Hogeschool vzw, Antwerpen, BE: Just thought I'd let you know: I tried the addins out in Office 2003 (Windows Xp) and they work perfectly. Specifically I ran Forecasting, Inventory and Materials Requirement Planning.

From a book review in Interfaces, Vol. 34, No. 3, May-June 2004. Reviewed by John W. Fowler
Department of Industrial Engineering, Arizona State University

"I think this book is extremely well done and the supplementary materials do a great job of complementing (not repeating) the physical text. Having taught undergraduate and first-year graduate industrial-engineering students as well as MBA students, I think this book and the supplementary materials will meet the needs of the intended audiences. ... The separation of models and methods makes the book versatile and makes it a great reference text because one often needs help in formulating a problem or in solving it but does not want to have to sift through material that mixes the two.

6/19/04: Student from Denver, CO: First off, I would like to say that I've found your book to be very student friendly. I'm a grad student at the University of Denver and I'm working on this course while living in Alabama. The book is my main source of information. Because of that, I'm really trying to understand the examples and explanations. A list of corrections was included that have been incorporated into the Errata.

6/2/04: Hi, I'm a teacher from the UNAM, Mexico. I love your site and I will show it to my students.

5/18/04: Professor from Baku / AZERBAIJAN: The site (ORMM) itself and the facilities it provides are invaluable. I’ve been using your add-ins for a while for teaching and for some problems I need to solve, and I really appreciate your great effort to create these wonderful add-ins. It is doubtlessly a virtuous thing that you share them with us. Thank you for your help.

5/11/04: I was looking a way for improve the macros that I've in XL (looking to convert to an add-
in) and I found your web page. I found the "components" file (from Do-it-Yourself) VERY useful.
Your website is very complete and really nice presented.

From a book review in IIE Trans. Operations Engineering, Vol. 35, No. 9, 2003. Reviewed by David Goldsman, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.
"Every once in a while, a clever text comes along that breathes a nice dose of fresh air into the mature field of Operations Research (OR). The Jensen and Bard book is one such welcome example." ... "The web site is impressive, both for its content and ease of navigation." ... "I feel that the book is extremely well written, interesting, and unique among OR texts; it certainly approaches the topic areas from a new perspective. This is an excellent text that I believe professors and students will enjoy and gain a lot from its use."

From a Spanish company that work in Data Mining
3/12/04: We developed a model based on Markov Chains for a bank company and your Add-ins for Excel have been very useful.

From a professor in Belgium
3/10/04: The MRP-add-in works perfectly.
2/4/04: Once again, your optimization software is amazing friendly and very accurate. Congratulations.

2/3/04: Paul, I'm a new visitor to your site (and found it quite interesting).

From the Netherlands
1/20/04: Thanks for your effort! I have been looking for a Bayes add-in for Excel for 2 months and wasn't able to find your site. Yesterday, by luck, I browsed Google-pictures for "bayes" and came across your site.

From a professor of applied statistics in Caracas Venezuela
1/9/04: Hello, let me congratulate you for you exceptional material add ins

From a professor in United Kingdom
1/6/04: This is a wonderful facility you have given here. My students will find these add-ins very very useful. I am grateful to you for this.

12/13/03: Nice presentation and organization!

Researcher in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ankara, Turkey
12/12/03: I really thank you for your very useful web pages. I am studying on the optimization of irrigation networks with minimum spanning tree, out of kilter and shortest path methods. Especially open channel networks.

From a former student working for a bank in Mexico
12/1/03: I remember you use to have great efficient Microsoft Excel Solver Add-Ins, and I really need to get more familiarized. This is because I am working for a Bank down here who wants to optimize their cycle time.

11/25/03: I just found your page and it looks really great to me. The topic, that I am interested in most, is production planning.

Corporate Finance
11/4/03: I found your web site most interesting and would most definitely like to be added to your mailing list. I have been using VBA for some time now but would like to become a bit more sophisticated in terms of usage. I believe that your web site will be ideal for me to achieve this.

Lecturer from Thailand
10/28/03: I think your provided addins would be of great benefits to my students, especially when the sensitivity and detailed report are available.

Visiting fellow at the University of Calgary
10/27/03: My home University is University of Lagos, Dept of Computer Science. I came across your material on the web and I was impressed and interested in your work.

10/25/03: I would like to say thank you for the add ins which you have provided on your web site which have been of great help to my work.

Hotel Consultant from South Africa
10/21/03: May I begin by thanking you for the wonderful and edifying content of your web site. My company has been asked to add forecasting capabilities to a software product of ours, and the forecast.xla spreadsheet and your site have gone a great distance towards making this bearable for myself and my nerds, none of whom are exactly statisticians.

From a professor in Belgium
10/14/03: I am teaching “production management” in engineering classes (30 students each year). You have a marvelous site.

10/14/03: I am a student at Bandung Institute of Technology in Industrial Engineering Department. I am very interested about your creation especially in making add-ins.

Professor from Hong Kong
10/9/03: I have come across your new book on Operations Research: Models and Methods. I have also read your older book on Network Flow Programming and have visited your web site. on the integer programming and network programming classes. I really think they are excellent.

9/29/03: I run these ideas by you because I have enjoyed looking at your excellent Excel Addins. 

Engineer from a company in the Netherlands
9/25/03: Searching on the Internet for optimization methods in Excel I found your web site. My compliments for the way you translate the theory to practice.

Programmer from California, USA
9/9/03: I am impressed with your forecast add-in and I was wondering how much you would charge to allow me to get the password to your .xla file so that I can convert the forecasting formulas to use with a Visual Basic 6 forecasting program for my company. Response: No charge.

9/1/03: I'm currently doing production planning for my master project. Thanks for the Excel addins.

Engineer from Virginia, USA
8/28/03: I was browsing your web site. and found it to be very interesting.

Manufacturing Designer from Virginia, USA
8/1/03: One of our engineers was looking for Excel plug-ins and ran across your posted plug-ins. Question came up whether we could use them for commercial applications or not. Thanks for posting the plug-ins. Response: They can be used.

EE-student Koethen (Germany)
6/17/03: Now I work on my seminar paper, that deals on topic in image processing. By solving my specific problem I came in contact with constrained optimization for my first time. So I found your web-site and your great effort in teaching optimization for engineers.

Student from France
6/4/03: I am a student interested in mathematical programming and I thank you for your web pages on the subject.

Student of Computer Science degree at Medellín, Colombia
5/14/03: I have been working on several projects in the Quantitative Methods and Simulation fields on the past, which have led me into finding lots of useful information and research all around the world. But it was only today when I found your excellent UTA web site. about Operations Research. I browsed through a lot of your Addins, and got amazed by the high functionality and excellent modeling of them.This letter is just to say a big "Thanks!" for all the effort, time and dedication that you put into your work. It really is encouraging to see all of what you have accomplished.

Research assistant in a university in Turkey
5/2/03: The subject of my research thesis is about queuing systems. I search all things about it. There is some PC programs to solve queuing problems, but I realize that they are not sufficient. I met your web site by coincidence, I admit I am really affected.

4/13/03: I am a graduate student of National University of Singapore. Your courseware and lecture notes are well known.

Software Engineer in Bombay, India
4/7/03: We find the content provided by your web-site (Network Flow Programming) very useful and this letter is in regards to using the content of your web-site for educational purposes. We thank you for creating such a useful web-site. Response: You are welcome to use them for educational purposes.

4/3/03: I am an outreach student from Puerto Rico at Auburn University (Alabama).  I am enrolled in the Industrial and Systems Engineering masters program.  I am interested in joining the club. You have done a great job with this site!!

2/22/03: I just found your site today and am VERY impressed. Thank you for providing us with this.

1/8/03: Thanks for sharing the add-ins.  They work great! We would like to create a dedicated MINIF and MAXIF add-in, since your DECISION.XLA is rather large, at 500k+.  Unfortunately, it is password protected, preventing us for trimming out the other code.  Would you be willing to share the password so we can create the simplified versions of MINIF and MAXIF? Response: The password is given on the web site

Professor from Univ. of Economics, Prague
1/6/03: I have to thank you for the splendid book you've written and for the web site. It is so powerfully tool to learn the operations research that it is even hard to believe it!

Comments from 2002

I love the add-ins you have made available on the web. I am a Mathematica user who enjoys reading Bobby Treats posts to MathGroup (a sort of online forum for hard-core Mathematica users). After following one of his hyperlinks to your Excel page, I quickly became absorbed in the material. I've never spent any real time with Excel until now and I am enjoying your software thoroughly.

Thanks so much for making the Excel Addin's available. And especially thanks for the source and the Flash Animations. I am just beginning with Excel and Flash Programming and it is wonderful to see all that can be done.

Professor University of Minnesota
You two have done a great job! The web site and examples was a real epiphany: I had no idea that this subject was so fascinating.

I am a student studying at the University of Hull and am taking on a final year project with the title 'Using queuing theory study the impact of scheduling algorithms on job throughput in a multitasking environment'. Basically, I have found your queue.xla add-in very useful in my research.

Professor from Malaysia: I am teaching a course in OR and find your book an excellent teaching aid.

I'm pursuing a Doctorate in engineering management at SMU part-time. You web site. has been very helpful and informative for operations know-how. I can't get over the fact it's so open. Thank you.

Just a quick "Thank You" for making all the materials (educational, Excel add-ins, links, etc) available on your web site. I'm sure it will be very useful to me and many others.

I work at the University of Economics and I have lecture of Operations Research where I use your programs (Excel). However, not all the students understand the given instructions since they have problems with English. Therefore, I would like to translate them (just the instructions) into Polish.

This past summer I taught a small graduate course in Supply Chain Models and Optimization and used some of your addins extensively. I thought you might like to know that they were very well received. We used mainly the LP/IP, Distribution and Network Addins, and the students thought they were very useful and easy to use.

School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University: I would be very interested in a copy of your book - I have used your add-ins and have found your site extremely helpful.

I came across your web site by a search from Goggle on "methods of operation research". I really enjoyed browsing through all your pages. I like the many explained examples.

As professor of Operations Research, I feel very interested about your book OR Models and Methods. This book is focused in something I have been talking about with all my students and other professor: that OR teaching should focus in the use of software, specially the Excel.



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