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Operations Research Models and Methods

It's Free


All the materials on this site are free. Because they are free, the materials provide easy access to the models and methods of operations research to students and practitioners. The Excel add-ins make it easy to solve small or moderately sized problems using Microsoft Excel without the expense of commercial software.

I am retired from the Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Group at the University of Texas. I spend much of my time working on this site and the accompanying add-ins. I enjoy the work and I feel that I am contributing to the students, faculty and practitioners in the field of operations research and application areas that use the tools described herein.

Students and Faculty

Tell me how you use the materials in your studies. What do you find useful and what do you find frustrating? What subjects would you like to see added, expanded or abandoned? If you use this software for research, please reference this site or our book, Operations Research Models and Methods. Teachers, think about adopting the book for your classes.

Practitioners of OR and other Applied Fields

Whether you studied OR in the past or who are new to the subject, what practical problems do you encounter in your professional or personal pursuits where the methods might be useful?

Most models and methods presented are not new, but I have not provided extensive references to the literature. What links to web-based materials would you recommend for continued study?

Publishers of Commercial and Free Software
I cannot compete with the marvelous implementations of OR methods that are commercially available. I think my contributions may increase the market for those who sell OR models and methods. I am also interested in free OR software, specially if it is programmed for Excel. Would you be willing to link to my site, in return for a link to yours? My URL is:

Authors of Books
Many of the topics implemented in my add-ins support topics in books on OR, industrial engineering, management science, finance, engineering economics and operations management. Would you recommend to students that they use my free software for problem solving?

Those finding Errors or having Suggestions
I am eager to have reports of errors or problems with running the software, the contents of this site or in our book. Fixing problems is my first priority. What are your recommendations about corrections, additions or improvements?

I look forward to hearing from you. After all, it's free.

Paul Jensen




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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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