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Operations Research Models and Methods

Excel Templates


Excel Templates

Templates are Excel workbooks that solve specific problems without the use of add-ins. Although most templates are constructed with add-ins, all links to the add-in programs have been replaced by Excel built-in functions or calls to macros provided witht he template. This will make a template easier to use for persons unfamiliar with add-ins.

The templates provide the data form, but different data may be entered. Solutions are obtained by built-in Excel functions or macros in the workbook. They open through the Files menu of Excel or by double clicking on the Excel worksheet icon. The Templates are independent of the Excel add-ins in the collections, so they are not troubled by Missing Links problem. This is convenient for some users.

Some of the templates have macros. These are subroutines and functions written in VBA and included in the workbook. They are not password protected so you can review and change them with the VBA editor. When you open a template with macros, a security warning is issued by Excel asking whether or not you want to enable the macros. You must indicate Enable Macros to continue.

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Hurricane Tracking and Forecasting
This workbook tracks and forecasts hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico region. The download is an Excel workbook rather than an add-in, and it contains both sample data and the macros necessary to add new hurricanes, add position data as provided by the National Hurricane Center, make forecasts of future movement, plot data and forecasts on a map and construct an error analysis after the storm is over.


P & G Game (Production Control Simulation)
To train their production managers in the strategy developed, the Proctor and Gamble company developed a simulation model to illustrate the effects of the varying demand. Our version is programmed in VBA using features of the Simulation add-in. The P&G Game is an Excel workbook called png_game.xls. Open the workbook by double clicking the Excel file or using the Open command on the Excel file menu. Because the workbook contains VBA macros, you must respond affirmatively to Excel’s security warning about opening files with macros. Click the leaf icon to the right to read about the game. A recent version of the Simulation add-in must also be installed.


Inventory Game
Faced with an inventory of a single product with random demands, the student must make decisions regarding when to place replenishment orders and how much to order. The goal is to minimize the cost of running the inventory. The costs include inventory holding costs, costs related to shortages and costs for placing replenishment orders. Two models are provided. One assumes shortages are backordered, and the other assumes that shortages result in lost sales.


Production Game
This workbook contains a game that involves the release of raw materials to a line with four production stages. The game is similar to the matches game played by the boy scouts in Goldratt's book The Goal. The purpose to illustrate the effect of statistical variability on the rate of production of the line and the build-up of WIP.



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