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Operations Research Models and Methods




Teach OR Revisions


As add-ins are revised, dates and the purposes of the revisions are listed below. To check the version of the add-in that you are using, find the date of the add-in by choosing the About Add-in item on the submenu for the add-in. If you find that you are using an older add-in than is available at this site, download the add-in. Add-ins are stored in the zip format, so you will have to un-zip the file. Once unzipped, replace any old add-ins of the same name. Otherwise, Excel may use the old version rather than the new.

Updated all add-ins to correct an error that might occur for large problems. Download the new Jensen library and replace your add-ins.
Added a check to Teach DP add-in to generate error message when tables use more than the maximum number of worksheet columns.
Removed size limitation on models for the Teach LP add-in. Limitations imposed by Excel and limited size for matrix inversion may cause errors for larger models.
Changes to Teach NLP add-in

Changes to Teach DP add-in

Changed all the add-ins to maintain consistent colors.
Made a number of changes to accommodate Excel 2007.
Corrected TeachIP, TeachNLP and Functions add-ins to correct an error occurring with Chinese Excel. Corrections suggested by Baocheng Zhang, graduate student in School of Management of Tianjin University, China.
The Teach OR collection was separated from the ORMM collection. A new Add Teach add-in was added. This add-in installs and removes add-ins from the Teach OR collection. It also loads demonstration workbooks.



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