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Operations Research Models and Methods


Operations Research


The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences


The INFORMS Special Interest Group on Education. Links to educational resources.
This site promotes the profession of operations research to executives. It is sponsored by INFORMS.
The site is to help the person learning, doing or selling OR to promote his or her business, career and profession. It is sponsored by INFORMS.

INFORMS Resource Page/Computer Packages


Michael Trick's Operations Research Page

The most complete privately-maintained list of OR/MS-related links

Mathematical Programming Glossary by Harvey Greenburg

This glossary contains terms specific to mathematical programming and related disciplines like economics, computer science, and mathematics.
The developer of the Solver program used in Excel. The site contains product information and trouble reports.

University of Texas Program on Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

 Information about the University of Texas program in OR/IE.

 Paul A. Jensen

Information about the author.
Information about the author.



John Walkenbach is the author of several books on Excel. These are updated as new versions of Excel are released. I used his book Excel 2002 Power Programming With VBA as a primary reference for most of my work. I have ordered his most recent book Excel 2010 Power Programming With VBA. I expect to use it to bring my add-ins up to date. The site links to a blog page and some free stuff.

Macro Systems

Macro Systems provides Excel add-ins that save you time whenever you use Microsoft Excel.
Direct Optimizer is a free nonlinear optimization Add-In for Microsoft Excel versions 97 and later. It is based on the Hooke-Jeeves algorithm, supports simple bounds for the variables, and has been used to minimize for example the Extended Rosenbrock test function (the famous "banana valley" function) for 100000 variables in less than 20 hours on an out-dated Pentium II PC. The author is Jorma Kuha.
The Excel Hero blog has dozens of surprising and engaging charts, There is an interactive Lissajous curve explorer, a Benford's Law chart, bezier curve charts, many optical illusions displayed from within charts, and much more.Excel Hero is a site devoted to expanding the notion of what is possible in MS Excel.
Decision Tree Sensitivity Analysis, and Monte Carlo Simulation Add-Ins for Microsoft® Excel® 2000 through 2007



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Operations Research Models and Methods
by Paul A. Jensen
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