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Operations Research Models and Methods



Integer Programming (IP) Tour

7 Integer Programming Models

  • 7.1 Site Selection Example
  • 7.2 General Considerations
  • 7.3 System Design with Fixed Charges
  • 7.4 Facility Location Problem
  • 7.5 Covering and Partitioning Problems
  • 7.6 Distance Problems
  • 7.7 Examples
  • 7.8 Nonlinear Objective Function
  • 7.9 Exercises
  • Bibliography


Integer Programming Models

Integer Programming Modeling Problems

Math Programming Add-in

Add-in to construct IP and MIP models

8 Integer Programming Methods

  • 8.1 Greedy Algorithms
  • 8.2 Solution by Enumeration
  • 8.3 Branch and Bound
  • 8.4 Cutting Plane Methods
  • 8.5 Additional Cuts
  • 8.6 Exercises
  • Bibliography


Supplements to Ch. 8
Integer Programming Methods

  • Additional Branch and Bound Algorithms

Integer Programming

LP/IP Solver Add-in

Add-in to solve IP and MIP models

Optimize Add-in

Add-in to model and solve combinatorial problems including Traveling Salesman, Permutation, and Tree Problems

Combinatorics Add-in

Add-in to model combinatorial problems including the Quadratic Assignment Problem

mp_models.xla Math Programming Add-in
lpip_solver.xla LP/IP Solver Add-in
teachip.xla Teach Integer Programming
optimize.xla Optimize Add-in
mpdem.xls Math Programming
teachipdem.xls Teach Integer Programming
optimize.xls Optimize Add-in
opt_mpdemo.xls Optimize Add-in



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Operations Research Models and Methods
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